Consulting in USA

The consulting service in the United States consists of the possibility of receiving a set of services for companies that want to enter America successfully, avoiding long waiting periods before reaching the set goals, a collaboration with established professionals with a formula that combines traditional consultancy with practical operations that provide the Italian company that wants to sell and invest in America everything needed to start, settle down and start structuring on site and starting with its business.

The collaboration with professional partners full of experience accumulated over years of work in the American field and residents on site to help Italian companies to enter America.

These consulting services were born thanks to the on-site collaboration with a team of professionals selected in Miami and New York, including an important Italian real estate broker resident in the United States, specifically in Miami Beach (FL), following in particular the side of the Italian legislation for aspects related to investment operations.

Benefits of the Consulting Service for the United States::

  • It allows you to enter the American market quickly
  • Avoid making mistakes resulting in loss of time and money
  • It provides all the necessary information and advice and how much it takes for a company to enter, settle and operate in America
  • The professionals are known and the solutions are already tested making even faster the implementation of the proposed services
  • It is flexible in the sense that it is not necessary to use all the services rendered. If any of the proposed services is not requested, it can easily be left out

  • Budget review and certification services
  • Opening of the United States Law Society
  • Request for the American company tax number, the so-called EIN
  • Opening US Account Account with American Bank
  • Consulting for Accounting American Society
  • Opening of the online account with the American tax office for the management of the reports
  • Preparation of quarterly reports for the United States tax authorities
  • At the end of the year, preparation and submission of the tax return in America
  • Management of monthly accounting in America
  • Market Research United States Analysis of Competition and Product Studies
  • Very practical market / product research aimed at verifying the positioning of competing products, existing market segments, prices, formats and packaging
  • Sales Support Service and Customer Support in the United States
  • Search for the Industry Fairs in America that are most suitable for your product
  • Legal advice for Preparation or Contracts Contracts
  • Search for Rent Business Premises, Restaurants or Shops in Miami and in Other Cities of the United States of America
  • Assistance and Advice on Special Topics
  • Research Agents and Distributors for the United States of America
  • The advice and assistance for the purchase of real estate in US territory and to make it a "safe and income" investment
  • Fiscal and contractual assistance for the purchase and sale of real estate and investment planning

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